[Walking Dead Festival] Villagers Dig Up Relatives’ Corpses In Hope It Will Bring Good Harvest

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  • Cracking A Mummified One With The Fam ?Jesus ,Mary And Joseph :/

  • Yeah we indonesian can perform edo-tensei ...

  • the girl taking the selfie is pretty cute

  • http://i.memeful.com/media/post/lMzzGBM_700wa_0.gif

  • Look at that primitive tribe that has no youtube ,video games and tv series so they have to better way to spend time .

  • https ://img-comment-fun.9cache.com/media/a7dnM2z/anno4X79_700w_0.jpg

  • https ://img-comment-fun.9cache.com/media/aM9R65A/azaZpXep_700w_0.jpg

  • its a cultural thing ...let them be .

  • what in the fuck

  • Wkwk land welcome you