You know you're an evil person, when you decided

Media Comments

  • I killed my friends in far try 3 just to have sex with that thicc thotie

  • Is it bad that I side with BoS all of the time ?Also Pagan is not the bad choice .

  • I killed Paarthunax in one of my Skyrim games .The Blades suck .

  • The blades made me do it ,Im sorry man .I hope you are in a better place now .

  • Ive actually did all that but only to see the diferent endings

  • Actually joining pagan min is the more sensible thing to do

  • what about last picking legion jungle ?

  • I wanted to do the brotherhood ending but accidentally triggered the minutemen one

  • Pagan Min is correct ending ,atleast if you have actually paid attention during the game .And control enging in ME3 is good ?You have really not been putting any thought into your decisions .

  • I saved my game and then killed paarthurnax ,just so i knew i have done it once .Then loaded up the save where he still lives and then walked away