New York's first pit bull police dog

Media Comments

  • Lol till the bad guy gets turned into a chew toy

  • Of course hes white

  • Fuck the polic ...oh wait ..

  • Mr .Worldwide

  • Mr .Worldwide

  • Look at how cute it is :3@stirfrys

  • England is not New York city .

  • He looks so happy !!

  • you idiots .this is an animal forced in a police unit and youre going "awww" thisdogs life will be threatened and if it gets shot and killed ,theyll replace it with another dog and youll go "awwww" fuckinglegal animal abuse is what this is

  • Pits are great dogs .Good on NY for seeing that and using them in a positive way instead of just placing a stupid fucking overly broad breed ban on them .I fucking hate breed bans ....